High Purity Solvents: High-quality solvents are organic chemicals that are distilled synthetically and have a wide range of uses in various industries. They play a crucial role in laboratory settings for synthesizing complex Grignard reactions and are extremely important for enhancing the production of agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. These solvents are commonly utilized in dry cleaning (such as tetrachloroethylene), as paint thinners (like toluene and turpentine), as nail polish removers and glue solvents (acetone, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate), in spot removers (such as hexane and petrol ether), and in chemical synthesis.
There are some applications for high purity solvents: GC (Gas Chromatography) ● LC (Liquid Chromatography) ● HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) ● TLC (Thin-Layer Chromatography) ● Spectrophotometry ● Pesticide Residue Analysis
We have solvents grades available for all of them. Whether you require acetonitrile, dichloromethane, ethanol, methanol, or any other solvent, we are here to assist you. Our solvents are certified and of high purity.

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