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"Discover a diverse array of Inorganic Reagents meticulously curated to meet your laboratory needs. Explore high-quality offerings from ChemieR and DSI, including aluminum compounds like aluminum chloride, aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, and more. Our selection ensures superior purity and performance, suitable for various scientific applications. Enhance your research and industrial processes with confidence in the reliability and consistency of our products.
Inorganic Reagents: A reagent in the field of chemical science refers to a “substance or compound that is introduced into a system to initiate a chemical reaction or to determine whether a reaction has taken place.” This type of reaction is employed to confirm the presence of another substance. Inorganic substances, on the other hand, are a category of chemicals that do not contain carbon. Examples of inorganic substances include ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, all metals, and the majority of elements (such as calcium). Inorganic precipitating reagents are frequently utilized in analytical chemistry to separate and identify specific ions or compounds within a mixture. They can be selectively employed to precipitate certain ions, thereby enabling their subsequent analysis. Inorganic reagents are mainly used to study chemical reactions between inorganic compounds. These reagents require extremely high temperatures during mixing and include sodium azide, nitric acid, and sodium chloride. Laboratory reagents can be organic or inorganic and are used to study and conduct chemical reactions."

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