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Cylindrical Stir Bars

  • Produced from PTFE
  • For the stirring of liquids on magnetic stirrers and/or hotplate stirrers
  • Strong alloy magnets sheathed in pure white inert PTFE
  • Supplied in polarity aligned packs to ensure maximum coupling strength
  • Resistant to virtually all chemical attack and temperatures up to 260°C

Micro Stir Bars

  • Produced from PTFE
  • For use in small vessels, e.g. test tubes, vials, etc.

Oval Stir Bars

  • Produced from PTFE
  • For efficient stirring in round bottomed flasks

Pivot Ring Stir Bars

  • Produced from PTFE
  • Central pivot ring ensures efficient spinning, even on curved or uneven bases

Stir Bar Retriever

  • Magnet permanently embedded in PRFE rod
  • Ideal for retrieving magnetc stir bars from particularly sensitive or corrosive liquids

Stirring Rods

  • Suitable for stirring even the most corrosive liquids
  • Will withstand 260°C
  • PTFE covered with plain ends
  • 6mm diameter