LiChrom for Liquid Chromatography, Buy wide range of Liquid Chromatography reagents LiChrom - HPLC Solvents, HPLC Ion-Pair Reagent and HPLC Buffer Salt from Dawn Scientific for your Liquid chromatography.

LiChrom series products are ideal all type of Liquid Chromatography. To address your total HPLC Reagent requirements in drug analysis, biopharma research and environment analysis, we offer you HPLC grade acids, bases, buffer salts and Ion pair reagent in addition to HPLC solvents to ensure consistent performance in your analysis. These products are tested as per UV transmittance, insoluble matter, interfering metals and other product specific tests.
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HPLC Buffer Salt (15)

HPLC Ion-Pair Reagent (22)

HPLC Solvents (20)

Water (1)